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Foie Gras Without Force Feeding

No matter how you feel about Foie Gras one thing is for certain. If it can be achieved in a cruelty manner it should!

Foie Gras is the prized gourmet liver of a goose. To swell the liver to its required weight of 1lb 5oz (10 times its natural size), the goose is force-fed 6lb of grain a day – at worst, via mechanical “gavage” (a metal tube); at best, via hand-feeding and throat massage.

It is, as Compassion in World Farming points out: “The equivalent of making a human eat 28lbs of cooked spaghetti a day, which is hard to dress up as kind.”

But just north of Seville is a unique Spanish farmer, Eduardo de Sousa, who produces foie gras without force-feeding. In autumn, in preparation for migration, his 2,000 geese gorge themselves silly on figs, acorns, lupins and olives left in tempting piles around the 30 acre farm.

After 14 days of feasting, their bellies touch the ground and their livers are deemed big enough. The geese are then gassed to sleep and killed, “respectfully”, by an incision in the throat.

De Sousa’s foie gras pipped French producers to the prestigious Coup de Coeur, an award for compassion from the Paris International Food Salon.

Look and always ask if the Foie Gras at the restaurant where you are dining was produced cruelty free. We all need to help stop the cruelty and make a positive change.
(part of this article was sourced from Tessa Boase, at The Telegraph)

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